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let the love that you are be what you do

July 10, 2013

We were recently blessed to welcome the newest member of our extended family. Since then he’s been turning up everywhere.

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Read Around the World, cont.

June 2, 2011

Geez, I just typed in all the countries in the world, more or less; that is, recognized by the UN or by a whole bunch of countries, according to Wikipedia, or recognized by me for obvious literary reasons (Palestine). Daunting. Daunting, at any rate, to imagine finding literature from so many island nations, including the […]

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Read Around the World

May 20, 2011

Two things I’ve wanted for a long time came into my life this week, an electric kettle* and a world map shower curtain. Examining the latter is surprising (look how long and skinny the Red Sea is!), mystifying (just what, exactly, is going on down at the tip of South America?), and inspiring. Specifically, it […]

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