Rah Rah for Ta Tas (Hallelujah)

by juno on September 18, 2011

In Portland, OR today more than 35,000 people walked and ran in Race for the Cure to raise money for breast cancer research, early detection and education. The energy of the crowd was peaceful and joyous—in part because of how seamlessly and carefully the huge event was organized—nothing for participants to fret about—plenty of information and encouragement, and water in Dixie cups, along the way. Walking in a crowd of such good feeling felt like floating. Scattered along the route, bands played tunes people could sing along to and drummers drummed on many kinds of drums—and buckets, too. People of every age and color flowed along the streets and the gentle rain held off, mostly. Names of people precious to participants graced signs, banners, and t-shirts, and grace rained down.

Meanwhile, in my hometown last night friends and neighbors sang and played Leonard Cohen and more to raise money for the community nurse. Hallelujah…

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